2005 Event 

In 2005, sports enthusiasts from the Village of
Waskatenau formed a committee and organized a
marathon softball game. Two teams played for 60
hours and 4 minutes through rain and shine, fog and
muscle strains. Although we unofficially held the World
record for less than 1 day, our will did not faulter. We
were able to contribute over $75,000, to our two
charities, The Stollery Childrens Hospital and The
Cross Cancer Institute. Once again the committee has
decided to venture forth in  hopes to set a new World
record and raise funds for our charities.

Home Run For Life I- Registered Players 

Gary Macyk, Lauren Schesnuk, Mike Diachyshyn, Darren Hapke, Dave Harsulla, Ken Rubis,         Ed Hrycun, Ed Chykerda, Dale Wishewan,    Ryan Rozak, Brendan Melnyk, Tom Appelman, Dom Maslowski, Troy MacDonald,              Adam Schreiber, Matt Blanchard, Casey Caron, Rory Ballantyne, Kurtis Kwashuk, Dave Kwashuk, Shane Kolybaba, Adam Cyrynowski,           Jason Hrabec, Jason Makarus, Corwin Chomay, Warren Toews, Doug Page, Ryan Page,    Clayton Fedyniak, Cory Fedyniak, Joe Eskiw,  Chris Waples, Dustyn Schesnuk, Perry Zyla, Andrew McGinnis, Terry Makowichuk,           Nick Slikanwich, Bryan Mudryk, Paul Feniak, Carter Rycroft.

2007 Event

After 108 hours and 3 minutes of playing softball through rain, darkness and scorching heat, a Guinness Book of World Records attempt for the Longest Softball game came to an end.  With approximately 400 volunteers, sponsors and fans in attendance, the game officially ended at 6:08pm on July 1, 2007, unofficially breaking the old record set in Quebec of 95 hours and 23 minutes.

The final score of the marathon - which went on for 694 innings, equivalent of nearly 100 games - was Team Cross 783 and Team Stollery 697, but really the score doesn't matter.  What matters is raising funds for the Alberta Cross Cancer Foundation and the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation.  The village of Waskatenau (population 260), the surrounding communities along with the committee for the HOME RUN FOR LIFE II and chairman Lauren Schesnuk proudly raised a cheque for the charities in the amount of $91,000, crushing their estimates.  Cheques continue to trickle in, so the amounts will go up!

"The generosity of everyone and the support shown for this event has been overwhelming.  Our committee has gone above and beyond their volunteer call of duty.  This has definitely been one of the most rewarding moments of my life", says Lauren Schesnuk.

Highlights included a remake of a song written and performed by local artist Brenda Hrycun titled;
"Angels in the Outfield", that had everyone in attendance in near tears, the live auction as well the celebration for everyone to share in was remarkable.  "The angels we are playing for blessed us with good weather and yes the sun came out today", stated Cathy Schesnuk.

Jan Guerin, Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation representative, who was in attendance stated,

"I have never seen such a well run event - the support of your community was overwhelming!  One of my all time favorite movies was Field of Dreams and it was an honor to be a part of your very own FIELD OF DREAMS".  She added, "please pass on my appreciation and thanks to all of your committee members for a job well done.  This event has obviously been a labor of love for all you and it certainly showed in the results on Sunday".

Bobbi Wolbeck, Cross Cancer Development Coordinator said, "I just wanted to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS once again on the amazing succes of the HOME RUN FOR LIFE II.  It was an absolutely phenomenal event and I was so honored to be there to meet the players, volunteers and donors - so many special people"!


Home Run For Life II- Registered Players

Gary Macyk, Dave Harsulla, Ed Hrycun,          Ed Chykerda, Dale Wishewan, Brendan Melnyk, Ted Appelman, Dom Maslowski, Troy MacDonald, Casey Caron, Matt Blanchard, Ryan Page,        Rory Ballantyne, Adam Schreiber,              Kurtis Kwashuk, Warren Toews, Joe Eskiw, Shane Kolybaba, Adam Cyrynowski, Greg Duma, Roy Olson, Jason Hrabec, Chris Waples,   Dustyn Schesnuk,  Derek Schesnuk, Nick Gulka, Paul Brunelle, Brennan Watts, Brad Lazowski,  Trevor Wagil, Kelly Hrycun, Bryan Nydegger, James Johnson, Justin Chizawsky, Chris Corely, Jason Dombrosky, Lyle Karvonen, Jay Proulx,  Scott Edwardson, Mike Garon.


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